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Hair Salon


with a bit of 

We are bringing the diversity the community needs. As residents of Montclair,  we care about the community and hope to offer inclusivity to our multicultural customers.

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Our Services

Hair Cuts

Trim $30 - $50+

Women's Haircut $65 - $80+

Girl's Haircut $?

Men's Haircut $25 - $40+

Boy's Haircut $?


Short Hair $45 - $56+

Long Hair $51 - $61+

Bella Styling /Curled Ends 

$74 - $95+

Roller Set $56 -$64+

Roller Set & Blowout $70 - $90+


Full Head Color  $90+


Face Frame $45 - $55+

Crown $65 - $75+

Partial $90 - $110+

Full $130 - $160+


Surface $75 - $95+

Partial $95 - $125+

Full $135 - $165+

Single Process $60 - $70+

Double Process $150+

Glazes, Toners, Top Coats

Over highlights $35+

$40 - $90+


Keratin $275 - $400

Smoothing Treatment $275 - $400


14” Hair $80

16” Hair $84

18” Hair $90

20” Hair $98

22” Hair  $112

24” Hair $122

26” Hair $130

28” Hair $140

30” Hair $150

Note: Curly hair additional $12


Consultation Required:

  • Keratip Bonded Extensions

  • Tape-In Extensions 

  • Clip-In Extensions 

  • Sew-In Extensions

Prom & Bridal Services

By appointment only

*Additional charges incur depending on extra time or product to complete service.

**Pricing discussed at beginning of service.

New Client Consultation

$25 *will be credited to service rendered

Image by Andrea Donato


is related to the Italian, Spanish, Greek, Portuguese and Latin words for beautiful.


 is French for black.


because of our boutique style. While efficient in space we offer all the services of a full-sized salon.

We are three black, beautiful women. The name describes us.

Hard working Afro-Latinas. Daughters of Dominican immigrants. We were raised in NYC navigating the duality of American Dominican beauty culture. We understand what beauty means to you. 

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The Products We Offer

Dominicans take pride in their hair, nails, skin, and overall beauty. We have a robust variety of beauty products that encourage healthy hair, hair growth, density, skin care etc. We intend on making these available to our customers.

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What Makes Us Unique

Dominicans are well known in the beauty industry. Beauty is a big part of our culture. We understand the impact that it has on a person, we understand beauty standards, and the changing trends. Dominican hair doesn’t have the characteristics of any specific phenotype and as a result; our hair stylists are versatile and comfortable with all hair textures making us exceptional stylists for any type of hair.

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Our Promise To You

We offer a beautiful and warm environment. Here you will feel special from the moment you walk in. Our boutique style space, professional staff, and experienced stylists will make your visit to Bella Noir Studios a truly pampering experience.

Beautiful Girl with Afro

Frequently Asked Questions

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